Favourite Video Game Music #4

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Bulletstorm (Review)


It goes without saying that I consider Painkiller one of the greatest games of all times. Despite being a newer title, it mixed the unrealistic approach to the FPS genre with fast and furious gameplay, great music and tons of gore. Being Polish, I’m also quite proud from the fact that a game originating from my country actually managed to get the deserve dappreciation for the hard work of its developers, People Can Fly. Years have passed, Painkiller slowly burned out and then I’ve heard that a new game is being made by this studio, in cooperation with Epic Games – creators of Gears Of War franchise. The budget of the production reached impressive 20 Million dollars and the marketing poking fun at Halo and Call Of Duty suggested the mighty return to the roots, a game challenging, crazy and unrealistic in terms of gameplay. However, we all know that marketing abroads is a quite expensive thing, especially when it also makes fun of the AAA games. Is Bulletstorm one of the games that barked at the moon without achieveing its goal, or it’s trully the greatest Polish game ever made and mighty return of the days of original Doom? I’ll try to explain in this review. Continue reading

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Retro City Rampage (Review)


Long, long time ago, before games got divided between AAA, Indie and forgotten crap by modern gaming community and Hideo Kojima wasn’t losing his creditibility by making a game with map as big as his ego while Sega hasn’t developed a heavy xenophobia, there was a man. An ordinary criminal with golden heart and appetite for grog and milk, his epic struggle against fat, red moustached scientist and his army of mooks and robots has put the gaming industry at peace. With Nintendo Zapper in hand and Super Meat Boy by his side, he gave us hope for human creativity, stronger than any corporate mongrel. That is his story, also known as Retro City Rampage. Continue reading

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This Is How You DON’T Release A Game (Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes)

I respect Hideo Kojima. I always considered him one of the very few modern game developers that actually put heart into his creations. However, since few years I was noticing that he’s started getting a little too aware of how good and loved he is. First MGS 4 turned out to be a pretty bland closure (?) to the franchise, full of overdramatic scenes and not enough gameplay. Then Peace Walker came along, introducing gimmicks, ridiculous amounts of product placement and lackluster story which hasn’t deepened the character of Big Boss. And now we’ve got Metal Gear Solid V waiting around the corner. By that, I mean that we’ll wait another two years for it to come out but that’s not the case. The case is the newest installment in MGS franchise, called Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. After seeing that pre-orders for the game have opened and how cheap the game is compared to, say, Watch Dogs, I’ve placed my order as well. Only to cancel it after few hours after reading that the game I was expecting to be small isn’t even a game. They charge you for the damn demo. Continue reading

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Favourite Video Game Music #3

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Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 (Review)


Being a fan of something often carries a lot of bitter moments. Especially when you own a PS3 and get an opportunity to play a game based on a franchise which was with you since you were a kid. I’ve already experienced the downfall of Silent Hill, Ace Combat, Armored Core and Resident Evil, to name the some. But I always try to find something worthwhile like a dumbass blind to the truth he’s fully aware of and still keep getting disappointed. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, made in 2011, is yet another game that made me feel like my head has just turned into a lollipop with “Jackass” written on it, like in the old Looney Tunes shows. Without wasting more time, let’s delve into the third entry of one of DW’s Spin-Offs. Continue reading

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Mahou Shoujo Microsoft Magica

Remember Houkago no Pleiades? The animated advertise for Subaru cars which used Magical Girls for no reason whatsoever? Apparently Microsoft, who already won Japan’s shameless hearts with Madobe Nanami, the animu mascot of Windows 7, has decided to literally kill two birds with one stone and announce the great return of our beloved Internet Explorer web browser with… You’ve guessed it, a Mahou Shoujo ONA. Continue reading

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When Animu Divide (a.k.a. To Drop Or Not To Drop?)

There are times when Japan barfs out trully horrendous piles of shit that are not only horrible to look at, but also receive a questionable amount of support from blind fanboys of everything that’s animated on MAL forums, only to get forgotten anyway. This season is not an exception, and while it does show quality with Diamond Ace, Yowamushi Pedal, Samurai Flamenco and the already Earth shattering Kill la Kill, it also has got its own share of average shows and, of course, a complete disasters. The anime so bad, I’m honestly on the verge of dropping them, but the curiosity how bad it will get later makes me keep watching (at least for now), despite the desperate calling of common sense. And that actually gave me an idea of showcasing the absolute worst animu of each season starting from now on. Continue reading

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DSP Tries It: Killing Your Childhood Even More

Warning: may cause murderous intentions.

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Danganronpa: The Ruination (Review)


Because of certain reasons (mostly Lerche sucking at their work) this review is broken on two parts. In the first one, I’ll review this title as a stand alone piece of animation, while the second will focus on judging it as an adaptation. Then, I’ll just give my final verdict whether or not it was worth of wait. That being said, let’s not waste any more time and review one of the most hyped series of the year.

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